The S-MACHINES company offers automation and robotization of industrial processes. Our construction facilities allow us to produce machines, stations, and technological lines. We comprehensively execute projects – starting from the concept, going through the project, construction and installation and ending up with commissioning and maintenance of the machine. We automate and robotize industrial processes including assembly, pick & place, handling, packaging. We treat each project individually and design the best possible solutions to meet specific requirements and needs.

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Our specialization

  • Automation and robotization of industrial manufacturing processes
  • Robotics: pick & place, handling, painting
  • Production lines and packaging lines
  • CNC machining
  • Automatic feeders, sorters, and manipulators
  • Packing, sorting, stock feeding, weighing and spray coating
  • Automated and robotized production lines
  • Transport of merchandise, products, and materials
  • Roller conveyors, belt conveyors, and chain conveyors
  • Design and manufacture of machines
  •  Design and manufacture of machines

    Our team of qualified engineers will conduct technical analysis and present a solution to suit the needs of a client.

  •  Maintenance and overhaul of machines and production lines

    Over the years we gained experience in overhaul, both safety and functional, of machines and production lines. We specialize in modification and comprehensive replacement of machine control systems, an extension of their existing functionalities as well as machine refurbishment, and many more.

  •  Preparation of construction documentation
    • Manufacturing drawings
    • Assembly drawings
  •  Strength calculation

    We provide advanced strength calculation with the use of MES software (Manufacturing Execution Systems).

  •  Machining

    We provide milling and turning services.

  •  Welding and locksmith services

    We offer a menu of welding and locksmith services.

Design and production resources

  • Software:
    – Solid Works
    – Solid Edge
    – Solid Cam
    – FEMAP
  • Fully equipped welding and locksmith’s workshop
    – CNC plasma cutting machine, press brake
  • Machining equipment:
    – CNC Robodrill milling machine, AVIAturn 35M turning lathe
    – Conventional tooling machines

Design process

Stage 1: Idea

We get to know your needs, discuss the main goals and the scope of the project, and then move on to the concept stage.

Stage 2: Conception

We develop a concept and specify the next steps. At this stage, we also present our detailed offer and refine it depending on your needs. This stage ends when all planned actions are accepted.

Stage 3: Construction

Our constructors create a project according to your guidelines. At this stage, it is possible to make additional improvements to the machine. When the project is accepted, we move on to the manufacturing of the device.

Stage 4: Manufacturing

We manufacture the designed machine – based on the project, the team of specialists produces the construction of the machine, its elements, and components.

Stage 5: Installation

Machine installation and commissioning as well as factory acceptance testing of the machine.

Stage 6: Tests and machine deployment

Installation of the device in its target operating environment, practical tests, and training of personnel.

Stage 7: Assistance and service

After finalizing the project, our specialists ensure that the machine is working properly. Service of the machine is also provided.


  • Ceramics industry
    To be profitable, production must, first of all, be effective. We create advanced projects related to automation of key processes in ceramics production – their main principle is the targeted time and resource saving.
  • Wood and furniture industry
    We design advanced machines used for the automation of manufacturing processes. We have the necessary resources and facilities as well as many years of experience in the design and realization of such installations. We treat each project individually and design the best possible solutions to meet specific requirements and needs.
  • Food industry
    The food industry has been one of the most important market segments for many years. This is why companies in this industry apply the most innovative technological solutions, such as robotized workstations and automated inspection systems. Our specialists offer advice in this regard and design such systems and installations according to your preferences.
  • Automotive industry
    The automotive industry is changing at a breathtaking speed, and as a result, needs constantly newer solutions. Our engineers know how to provide them – each project is fully adapted to your needs.


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